We pride ourself in what we do at Business Solution. Our aim is to support small and medium businesses to grow and make good profit.

Our VISION: To bring out the best in you and your organisation.

Our MISSION: Making your Vision a reality.


        1.Top Notch: we think and and so much believe in excellence. Therefore, delivering first class services to our clients. 

        2. Trust: we are confident to build your confidence in what you do. we'll always deliver to earn your faith and keep it up.

        3. Teamwork: we'll walk with you to achieve excellence in what you do.

        4. Integrity: integrity is the soul of business. we go extra mile to deliver your expectations.

 as a result we render the following services:

Company Structuring and Waste Management using Lean and Sigmasix.


one of the key ways of making profit in any organisation is to have a proper structure in place. This help to reduce waste in time, man power, resources e.t.c. This is achievable using lean/sigmasix. we proud ourselves in delivering top class lean and sigmasix training to aid your profit making.

Executive Business Coaching


There are many tricks you must understanding and learn in any business. Knowing who your customers are, what they need, where and how they need it, all these are very important in any business. Who are your competitors and how do you compete favourably and standout in your line of business. All these and many more are what we'll teach you and assist you to deal with.

Project Management.


Project management is another key strength of ours. We can help you to project manage your project with latest software applications, best heads with professional touches giving you the best you never can imagine. We also offer training in Project management to clients and their staffs.

Coaching on Profit Making.


There are many oversights in business today which are key areas in making profit in organisations. We at business solution we train and tutor you and see to you making profit that you deserve as an organisation.

Leadership Development


Managing staffs and customers is another key thing in any business. We render leadership training that will help you in managing your staffs and customers along side your business so that you can be at the cutting edge of your business.