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A&E is a crucial unit in any standard hospital worldwide. It is an acronym of ACCIDENT and EMERGENCY. This is the first point of contact with most emergency cases in any hospital. The doctors and nurses there are always busy attending to patients to ensure their survival from any critical condition they may be.

In business and services, A&E is also very crucial for the survival of such business or service. A stand for ATTENTION and E stand for EXPECTATION.

Maximum attention is needed in any business or service whichever category we operate. Attention to:

  1. Your customer or client’s need

  2. Your environment

  3. Your resources like input to your business

  4. Your output from your business what you give back to your environment.

  5. Details, agreement. Terms and condition operating in what you do

  6. Many more………….

Have you gotten the attention of your customers/clients both existing and new ones? Are you meeting their needs and surpassing their expectations? Are you offering the best compare to your competitors? Are they now attached to you and your product/services?

Meet or better say going beyond their EXPECTATIONS. Each time you meet the expectation of your customer or client, you have indirectly said to that customer you must come back again. You have also opened the window of opportunity to other customers because a well served customer or client will advertised you to others which is what we called "WORD OF MOUTH" customer conversion. At every point that anyone comes in contact with your business or service, you must always meet and supersede their expectations.

Expectation must be met in:

  1. Quality

  2. Quantity

  3. Time

  4. Presentation

  5. Durability

  1. Sustainability

  2. Taste in some businesses like food and drink

  3. Many more ………………

A&E of business is very crucial and must be maintained at all times.

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