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7 seconds rule to win big in business and a contract.

The joy of every business owner or a contractor is to always win a “jackpot” each time they have the opportunity to showcase what they do.

Communication experts said it takes seven seconds to make the right first impression. Whenever you have an opportunity to attend an interview, present a proposal or meet with a client about your business, you have the privilege to broadcast verbal and nonverbal signals that determines how others see you. In business, the crucial seven seconds can determine whether you win a new contract or succeed in a tense negotiation. Your first 7 seconds creates a long lasting impression.

How do I “WIN BIG” within 7 seconds?

  1. Be confident in yourself

  2. Be comfortable

  3. Be sincere

  4. Show that you are glad to be there

When you are doing these four points mentioned above you make your audience to react to:

  1. Your facial expression

  2. Gesture

  3. Stance

  4. Energy

  5. Your voice – the tone and pitch

Whether you are speaking, selling, interviewing, your appearance, attitude, gesture and approach will make all the difference.

You must look radiant, genial, kind and pleasure bearing in the presence of those you meet for business and for contract.

Keep winning big using 7 seconds rule.

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