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3 fears you must overcome when starting or when in business.

What is fear? Fear is a feeling induced by perceived danger or threat that occurs in human being, which causes a change in metabolic and organ functions and ultimately a change in behaviour. Fear causes our action or inaction to events around us.

  1. FEAR OF FAILURE: the first fear you most overcome when starting a business is the fear that you will fail. It is the most common form of fear. It kills vision right from conception. Dare to start something. Start anyhow and grow from where you are to where you want to be. A lot of people have started one thing or the other; they failed and continue to try until they get it right example Thomas Edison the great inventor and businessman. The greatest failure in life is not starting at all. In reality, your irrational fear of failure and your refusal to embrace mistakes create far more errors in the long run. When you are not too sure of a particular thing or step to take feel free to speak to those who are experienced about it. We have professionals in those field or related to what you want to do. The path to success is through multiple failures. Failing doesn’t make you a failure, quitting does; not learning from it does; refusing to get back up when you fall does. If you need help overcoming your fear, refer to the Holy book.

  2. FEAR OF NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH: It is not about being good as others around you; it is about being yourself. If I shock you with this: everyone that God has created is unique in his or her way. Scientists have proven to us that the mark on our palms can never be found on anyone else. We are all created with different talent and skill sets. You need to stop comparing yourself to others but rather, spend time discovering yourself, your strength, weakness and purpose in life.

  3. FEAR OF REJECTION: this is the greatest form of seclusion you can ever imagine in life. It is a force that keeps people under bondage making them to isolate themselves from others and stop them from trying anything in life. The spirit behind rejection keeps whispering into their ears “NO ONE WILL ACCEPT YOU, NO ONE LIKES YOU”. The force will keep you down and never allow you to make any move if you listen to it. The spirit will give you one thousand and one reasons why people will not accept you, patronise you, welcome your idea, receive you and have anything to do with you. The spirit of rejection will never allow you to see vast opportunities around you not to talk of exploiting it. The key to being accepted is to reach out, mingle and take the step by taking risk. If you need the help of a professional do not hesitate to get one.

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