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The 3p’s to succeed in business

Passion: passion is needed in whatever businesses you are about to do or you are already doing. If you are passionate about what you are doing it brings inner drive and energy to always want to deliver the best. Passion is the fuel that drives the engine of your business. It is the mechanical force that propel the motion to drives your business. It does not only propel, it also lubricates it.

Proactive: you need to be proactive if you want to succeed in business. You will need to think ahead, seek for opportunities, search for knowledge, research for information, learn new skills and always be ahead. You should be ready to take risk, embrace opportunities and ready to act fast. There are times that a second delay in taking an action can result in catastrophe.

Persistence: you don’t give up to failure, discouragement and most importantly don’t give in to what people say about you. You are who you are with a lot of talents and skills that God has embedded in you to be what he wants you to be. Failure should be an option when you fail you should rise. Someone said “if you fail, is a sign that you are doing something, so try again until you get it right”.

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