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Be Inspired! Never give up on your dreams.

In 1957 Ford Motors described the new Edsel as ‘the car of the decade’. They thought they have arrived and produced the best car you can ever imagine or think of because to them it has met all the requirements and satisfaction a man can ever want in a car. You’re a living witness today to the level at which cars are evolving now and what you can do in and with your car. Today we have cars that drive itself. There are cars that use water to power the engine and drive several kilometres. There are cars that are simply electric, solar powered cars to mention a few.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy is another example, where the architect designed a 10-foot-deep foundation for a 179-foot-tall building. Today people now build on top of water, build on mountains and on ocean and sea, build with all kinds of materials that are even regarded as waste. Nowadays, people now build houses in parts in factories and come to the site to assemble them together to make houses. We also have mobile houses.Tyres are now used for making furniture like chairs, tables and so on. We have phones that can do almost everything you want to do. We have robots doing the chores, assisting disabled to walk and do things on their own.

Considering the level of technology advancement, almost anything is impossible but still, we are not there yet as companies and organisations are still investing huge sum of money on research and development on a daily basis.

Bottom line is, there is nothing that has been done that you cannot improve on, there is nothing in used that cannot be modify or transform into a new experience. And most importantly, not all needs are met yet as new ones are emerging every day.

In summary, just be inspired! Never give up on trying new things, implementing new ideas and working on your dreams.

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