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Feeling of satisfaction.

Have you ever bought a product and you have this feeling that this thing is so nice and pleasing but you can’t really explain your feel? Have you ever experienced a service that your sense feels like you are in another planet where there is no flaw at all? Have you ever used a product or service that you feel like this must have been the handwork of “angels”. Do you have in mind that as a result of this seamless service or unexplainable, unimaginable feel you experienced from a product or service you will keep going back to that spot or keep using the product no matter what? If that is how you are feeling or you are experiencing, then the craftsmanship behind the product or service should be praised.

Craftsmanship in any product or service is the intangible quality you sense when you touch or come in contact with that product for the very first time. The experience you feel, that you can’t just resist that product or service, you keep holding on to it or keep on going back to the place. There is an unconscious acknowledgement that this is just “out of this world”. If you ever get this kind of feeling, this is what we called satisfaction.

In all you do, do you render this kind of satisfaction to people that come in contact with you, your business, your product or service so that all they will be thinking is how to keep on coming back to you.

Think about this and act accordingly.

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