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The Key Log

Identifying the “key log” in any business helps to put a complete stop or reduce to a minimum the problem of unprofitability in that business.

What is a key log? A key log is the main issue or problem affecting ones business. It is the main hitch in a particular business or organisation affecting the growth of that business. There is a popular saying which says “you need to remove the bad wood from the bunch of woods affecting other woods from generating good flame”.

When a professional logger discovers a logjam, he climbs a large tree close to the river so that he can look over the problem and identify the cause of the logjam. What he is looking for is the “key log” creating the jam. Once the “key log” is/are identify and remove, the river will take care of the rest. On the other hand, an inexperience logger can spend hours, days even weeks moving logs around without results.

The key point is you don’t really need to change the whole procedure or process of your business or even the entire business, just the few items, process or procedure that has “robbed” you or deprived you of your profit. Once you do this you can be sure of profitability in your business.

If you want to make profit or continue to make profit and grow your business the need to identify the “key log” and deal with it is really necessary.

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