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Signature Strength

Have you ever noticed any of this traits called "Signature Strength" as classified by Dr Martin Seligman in you? This signature strength are classified into six(6) categories 1. Wisdom and Knowledge: these include your curiosity, your love to learn new things, ability to make sound judgement, and your social intelligence. 2. Courage: this includes perseverance( i.e determination to get things done) and integrity (which is your truthfulness, honesty, veracity, reliability) 3. Humanity: your capacity for kindness, and the ability to express mercy to others. 4. Justice: the ability to bring about fairness and leadership. Good sense of judgement without being bias and the spirit of good leadership. 5. Temperance: qualities like self-control, prudent and humility. You must be able to exercise self-control no matter what, be prudent and be humble no matter your position or status. 6. Transcendence: your ability to appreciate beauty, the expression of gratitude for everything, the ability to hope for the best, and the capacity for joy.

We all have the capacity for each of this just that the level in which it is found in us differs from one person to another. Identify those and level of each in you, fan them up and this will help you to standout in whatever you do.

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