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For those that went through the National Youth Service Corps programme usually organised by the government of Nigeria for graduates of Universities and Polytechnics after graduating/ completing their studies from school and also for those that went to military school will know this popular call and response recitation by a particular commandant or parade leader “Call: Do as I do, Response: I do as you do”. This recitation is now the syndrome in Nigeria and in most part of the world nowadays as many people have been acting this way.

A lot of people even the “so called” educated acts this way because they have no clear dream and vision for their lives. You will be surprised with those good grades some graduated with from university and how they behave and react to situations or things around them. They are “educated fools” as some call them. They tend to do what other people around them are doing without questioning themselves of the action or doing a critical thinking, observation and evaluation of what they want to do. Some dress in a particular way, visit a particular location, buys a kind of car, and some travel to a specific country all because their friends, relative and people around are doing it. The most pathetic thing is that most of them jump into a particular business because others or their friends are doing it too. This kind of behaviour is what Robert Cialdini called “SOCIAL PROOF” and it is describe as the natural human tendency to do what everyone else is doing. This is really wrong and we need to quit from it.

Don’t do a business because it’s what others are doing. Do not buy a particular car because that is what is trending. Don’t get married because you friends are getting married every weekend. Be yourself and don’t be a “fool”.

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