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Secure your business; take the risk

There was a terrorist attack on England on Saturday 03/06/2017 at about 9:58pm at the heart of London. Weekend is usually a time to hangout with friends and family also, a good time to “cool off” the pressure and hustle of the week before the start of a new week. You can imagine the number of people that are on the street, in shops and bars especially a time like this that is summer time in the UK where the weather is so lovely to have kept many outside their homes on the street.

One good thing that impressed me was the quick response to the incident from all the different arms of the rescue team: the Police, the Paramedics, Red Cross and all others that came to the location of the scene to rescue lives and apprehend the culprits then calm the whole chaotic situation within 8mins of the start of the incident.

It took the rescue team 8mins to appear at the point of the incident from wherever their offices are located and from where they are coming from to help the helpless that were seriously injured and securely transport them to the hospitals (point of safety) that are few miles away from the point of incident and also put the whole situation under control. They took a lot of risk to safe others and ensure that people are in peace by risking their own lives.

If it took the rescue team to appear in 8mins, there must have been effective plans and strategies ahead in place for emergency situations of this or any kind.

Now back to business. The questions for you today as a business owner are:

  1. What are you doing to rescue your dying business?

  2. What plans and strategies do you have in place for your business in case of any emergency?

  3. What risk are you taking or willing to take to rescue your business or prevent it from dying?

  4. Which expert or professional have you consulted or willing to consult to keep your business save and secure?

You need to answer all these questions and see if you are prepare for crisis.

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