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It will get to a stage where you need no driver to drive you from and to your destinations as companies are working on driverless cars.

Uber is seriously working on its self driving car and truck programs as well as Waymo who spun out of Google.

Do you know that Uber is expanding its Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) outside of the United State by opening a new research centre in Toronto, Canada.

University of Toronto which has long been considered a global leader in Artificial Intelligence research led by Professor Raquel Urtasun, one of the world leading researchers in the field of Machine Learning is the one leading this exciting project.

The questions are:

1. what are you or your company good at that will position you to take up the next project that will boost/expand your business and improve your profit?

2. what are you doing about improving yourself and your company?

3. what steps are you taking to "HIT" the target that will help you achieve your first major breakthrough or profit?

4. what is/are your approach to perform this "MAGIC" needed in your business?

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