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"Passive" or "Proactive"

There is a family that I used to know that the husband went on official trip out of town and the son fell terribly sick. The wife of this man refused to take the boy to the hospital claiming that the husband is not around.

NOTE: 3 things could have happened:

1. The boy may be lucky to have enough antibodies to fight the sickness before the dad's arrival hence, survive the sickness.

2. The antibodies may not be enough to fight therefore, resulting in partial or total damage of some organs in his body.

3. The boy may die before the father's arrival.

Pro-activeness save a lot of hassle and can prevent damage or loss. Doing nothing is not a decision. Sitting down pretending not to see a situation for what it is, is not a decision. Procrastinating about what to do until something terrible happen is not a decision. The fact is, in business, there are somethings you can't do anything about like legislation, rules and regulations but you can manage them or find a legitimate way of going about it.

Don't wait until something bad happen, be proactive and act now on your business.

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