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Polluter or Purifier

In every organisation, identify your employee as a polluter or a purifier in order to maximise profit. The key thing in every organisation as a business owner is to try and identify and get to know your employees. You will need to classify them as either a "POLLUTER" or a "PURIFIER". They are all needed in your organisation as they have a role to play in your business. All you need is to know how to manage them. A polluter will always "Belch out dirty smoke". They always criticise and "never see good" in whatever you are doing. Do you know what? Critically examine their critics, work on it, pick the ones that are useful, then discard others. Purifier on the other hand, make everything around them better.Even when the atmosphere is rotten, they turn the rottenness into result. The negativity and the gloominess around comes out fresh and clear.

In summary, be sensitive and alert, identifying your employees as a polluter or a


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